10 Celeb Moms Who Have Flawless Pregnancy Style


It can be a challenge to dress a growing baby bump but being pregnant doesn’t mean that we have to skimp on style. Gone are the days of our grandmother’s maternity looks. Today’s expectant moms have plenty of options when it comes to pregnancy style and we’re not shying away from showing our bodies.

It’s fun to look to celebrities for fashion inspiration and these famous ladies know how to look amazing through their pregnancies. From designer jackets to bohemian maxi dresses, we can all take notes from these stylish moms-to-be. Please enjoy this list of 10 celeb moms who have flawless pregnancy style.

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10 Lauren Conrad

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Lauren Conrad knows a thing or two about fashion, considering the fact that she designs her own clothing line. It’s no surprise that her maternity style would be nothing short of perfect. She’s managed to look so polished during both of her pregnancies and we love how effortless she makes it seem.

From layering a jean jacket over a flirty dress to wearing shoulder cut-outs, Conrad has totally mastered the art of dressing her baby bump. She has a penchant for floral fabrics and feminine details, proving that you don’t have to skimp on fashion just because you’re pregnant.

9 Nicky Hilton

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It can be challenging to find cute and comfortable maternity clothes. Nicky Hilton shows us all how it’s done with her casual street style. Every pregnant woman needs a good pair of maternity jeans and Hilton pairs them with basic staples to create a refined look.

She also loves to layer with jackets and sweaters, which can do so much to camouflage a growing belly. Although, we like that she isn’t afraid to wear form-fitting shirts that totally show off her bump. Her look is complete with sassy flats and tennis shoes, proving that comfort can still be cute.

8 Olivia Wilde

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Olivia Wilde is one celeb mom that we can all relate to. From her hilarious Instagram posts about motherhood to her casual maternity style, Wilde seems so down-to-earth. We love her maxi dress and think that every expectant mom should have at least one in her closet. They’re not only comfortable but they look great, too.

She looks pretty adorable in those overalls as well. You’d be smart to get a pair of maternity overalls if you want to look as cool and stylish as she does. We love her uncomplicated pregnancy style and think it would be so easy to replicate.

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7 Mila Kunis

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Mila Kunis looked like mother earth throughout both of her pregnancies in flowy skirts and floral prints. We love how laid-back and easy her pregnancy style is. She has a penchant for wearing long skirts with tank tops, which is a totally accessible look and perfect for everyday wear.

Kunis also rocked the maternity overalls, which look surprisingly slimming as they hug her baby bump. They are super trendy these days. She’s another celeb mom that chooses flats instead of heels, which is so refreshing to see since comfort is so important during pregnancy. She looks like a breath of fresh air.

6 Blake Lively

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When it comes to impeccable pregnancy style, nobody does it better than Blake Lively. The actress has a look that is all her own. She has a penchant for wearing leggings, a form-fitting top, and a tailored jacket of Pancho. From funky prints to bold colors, her signature layering totally works.

She’s also not afraid to wear high heels during pregnancy, creating a chic line from head to toe. We are loving her black boots. We can expect to see even more of her maternity looks as she is currently pregnant with her third child. Lively wins the award for most fashionable pregnant celeb mom, for sure.

5 Chrissy Teigen

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Chrissy Teigen is a total fashionista and her style doesn’t change during pregnancy. The mom of two manages to look just as glam while she’s expecting. We love how she wears tube dresses that show off her growing belly and her use of solid colors makes a polished look.

She tops most of her outfits with long jackets, which create a seamless line that is very flattering. Even when Teigen dresses down in a pair of maternity jeans, she’s totally chic. When it comes to footwear, she doesn’t compromise and wears high heels. No flats for this expectant mom.

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4 Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson is a mom to her three children, Maxwell, Ace, and Birdie. The singer turned designer doesn’t skimp on style when it comes to pregnancy. She has a distinctive look that is all her own. From huge purses to silk jackets, Simpson knows the importance of a well-placed accessory.

We absolutely love her floral maxi dress that looks so summery and fresh. Of course, she tops off every outfit with a pair of large-framed sunglasses. She’s another celeb mom that squeezes her feet into stilettos during pregnancy. The results create a glamorous maternity look that is anything but casual.

3 Ashley Graham

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When it comes to fashion during pregnancy, Ashley Graham is a total risk-taker. The plus-size model knows how to show off her curves and isn’t about to hide her baby bump. She wears form-fitting dresses that accentuate her curvy figure. This woman commands attention and we are totally here for it.

Graham opts for shiny latex fabrics and high slit dresses, proving that being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy. We love how unapologetic her signature style is and hope that we can all harness her fierce attitude of body positivity. Why not embrace your changing body?

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2 Jessica Alba

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Jessica Alba has three kids, Honor, Haven, and Hayes. The actress has a pregnancy style that is so airy and light. We love her penchant for wearing bohemian dresses in floral prints. The long, flowy dresses create a dreamy look that is so not typical in maternity wear.

Alba is another celeb mom that knows how to layer a jacket to compliment her bump. She also uses accessories to create a slimline, despite her growing belly. From a wide-brimmed hat to large hoop earrings, she uses accessories well. Her relaxed style is totally folksy and fresh. This woman is far from frumpy.

1 Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian knows that all eyes are on her and dressed for success while she was pregnant with her daughter, True. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star didn’t shy away from showing her curves throughout her pregnancy. She was often spotted around Los Angeles in tube dresses that left little to the imagination.

We love her use of monochromatic colors to create a solid look from top to bottom. She also wore long jackets, which is a clever way to cover up without looking dumpy. Her footwear is versatile, ranging from stilettos to tennis shoes. Kardashian gets an A+ for her pregnancy style.

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