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People have been giving birth since, well, the very beginning. However, that doesn’t make it less scary or intense. Yes, producing a baby can be a very stressful experience with everybody’s journey completely unique. Therefore, although pregnancy and labor might be an experience solely endured by one individual person, it helps to see other people’s experiences on television or in the movies.

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The wonderful world of cinema is a great form of escapism, especially for those who need a little break from reality. Yet, sometimes, cinema can also provide us with the opportunity to see real-life situations, or at least experiences that are truthful and likely to happen. Not only is this helpful to those who might worry about their own pregnancy or birth but it also provides relatable and enjoyable experiences. Here are 10 of the best movies about pregnancy.

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10 Juno

By the time Juno came out, circa 2007, Ellen Page was already a somewhat minor star, mostly due to her breakout role in the crazy and terrifying, Hard Candy. However, it was Juno that really kickstarted her career and brought her into the mainstream. Juno tells the story of 16-year-old Juno MacGuff, a precocious teenager who ends up pregnant by her best friend Paulie (Micahel Ceras). At first, Juno decides to have an abortion but later changes her mind and ends up adopting. The movie is extremely heartwarming at times and details the trials and tribulations of teenage pregnancy in an emotional yet hilarious manner.

9 Junior

Junior is not your average baby movie, to say the least, mostly due to the fact that the plot follows the life of a man who ends up pregnant. Yes, you read that correctly. Junior, starring ex bodybuilder and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, portrays the life of a research scientists who becomes the world’s, first pregnant man.

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However, first believing that he will only carry the baby for just three months, the plan fails, with Arnie having to endure a full-on nine-month pregnancy and eventual birth. It might sound weird, and yes it most definitely is, but what is the wonderful world of cinema without a little strangeness?

8 Baby Mama

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler could make an advertisement for cereal enjoyable, therefore it is no surprise to see that their full-length collaboration in the movie, Baby Mama, was extremely successful. The movie follows Tina Fey as a high powered working woman struggling to get pregnant. Instead, Fey ends up seeking the help of a surrogate, played by the hilarious Poehler, who then ends up moving in with her. As expected, the movie comes with lots of laughs, with Fey and Poehler a joy to watch on screen. The movie also has a high caliber of A-list celebrities, such as Sigourney Weaver, Dax Shepard, Fred Armisen, and Steve Martin.

7 The Business Of Being Born

First released in 2008, The Business Of Being Born documents the experience of modern-day childbirth in the United States. The documentary was extremely successful upon its release, mostly due to its insightful and interesting storylines featuring a number of different childbirth methods. For instance, the movie includes interviews with several midwives, real-life birth stories, and the comparisons of natural births with Cesarean sections and the use of epidurals and pain killers. Interestingly, the movie was produced by television presenter, Ricki Lake, who also openly criticizes the American health care system with regards to their emphasis on medicine rather than encouraging natural childbirth.

6 Baby Boom

Diane Keaton was all the rage back in the mid to late eighties, with a large number of her movies resulting in box office success. In 1987, Keaton starred in the much loved, Baby Boom, a movie which focuses on a yuppie businesswoman and her struggle to look after a fourteen-month-old baby girl left to her in her long-lost cousin’s Will.

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The film was so well received that it even inspired a television show, running from 1988 to 1989. Sadly, the show didn’t star the iconic and hilarious Keaton, but it was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards.

5 What To Expect When You’re Expecting

What to Expect When You’re Expecting stars a whole host of Hollywood A-listers, from Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, and Chris Rock, to Dennis Quaid and Anna Kendrick. Therefore, it is no surprise to see that the movie did well with audiences upon its release. The movie focuses on five different mothers (along with the fathers) who are experiencing the challenges and demands of their upcoming pregnancies. Sadly, film critics weren’t too happy with the movie’s premise, calling it superficial and fake. However, although it might be a little tedious, it is a great movie to watch on a rainy day, stuck on the sofa while 8 months pregnant.

4 Nine Months

Back in the nineties, Hugh Grant was one of Hollywood’s most handsome leading men and was adored by audiences all over the world. However, it was his appearance in the 1995 American romantic comedy, Nine Months, that really cemented his bumbling Englishman heartthrob status, with the movie propelling him into stardom. Nine Months, which also stars the legendary Julianne Moore, focuses on child psychologist (Grant) who is happy and content with girlfriend and ballet teacher, (Moore). Suddenly, the relationship is rocked by the announcement of an unexpected pregnancy and a terrified boyfriend, which then leads to a few scrapes and bumps and an emotional ending. What more could you want!

3 Away We Go

Away We Go centers around the lives of a loving couple who end up uprooting their life in order to bring up their baby in a different environment. The movie stars the wonderful, Maya Rudolph and the equally charming John Kraskinki who are extremely believable as a somewhat eccentric couple who are deeply in love. Throughout their journey, the pair meet a number of interesting and hilarious characters played by high profile celebrities such as Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jeff Daniels, and Catherine O’Hara. Overall, although the movie might not have been a box office smash, it is still a great film which focuses on the crazy and important decisions connected to pregnancy and where to raise your kids.

2 Look Who’s Talking

Look Who’s Taking is probably one of the best movies centered around pregnancy and is not only hilarious but also rather emotional. The film focuses on accountant Mollie Jensen (played by the wonderful Kirstie Alley) who ends up pregnant by a man who wants nothing to do with her or her unborn baby. Mollie then meets and befriends taxi driver, James (played by the also wonderful John Travolta) who then takes a liking to Mollie and her baby’s well-being. Meanwhile, the audience is also treated to the ins and outs of her unborn baby’s mind (voiced by the hilarious Bruce Willis) who keeps the audience updated with everything that he is feeling from inside the womb. Yes, it might sound strange, but it most definitely works, so much so it spawned a number of sequels.

1 Knocked Up

Upon its release, Knocked Up really surprised a lot of audiences as well as critics, with its honest and sweet-natured approach to one night stands, unwanted pregnancies and falling in love. The movie, written by the now famed comedy writer Judd Apatow, stars Seth Rogen and Katerine Heigl as they attempt to navigate their relationship after meeting just once and ending up pregnant. Interestingly, the movie is largely based on Apatow’s real-life experience with wife Leslie Mann (who also stars in the film) and the birth of their first daughter. In fact, Apatow later revealed that the majority of the scenes, which included the doctors, were all based on actual events.

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