10 Pregnancy & Parenting Podcasts to Start Listening to Now


Podcasts are the perfect medium for busy parents or expectant parents. They’re hands-free entertainment you can listen to while doing almost anything, or, in the case of a tired and sore pregnant mama, while doing absolutely nothing. The varied topics and personalities of these ten podcasts will inform, inspire and entertain for hours—or for as long as your kids aren’t screaming. So the next time you’re vacuuming, doing laundry, running errands or grocery shopping, pop in those earbuds and listen up!

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1. Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast
Dr. PukeNoMo candidly discusses all those burning, nauseating and uncomfortable pregnancy questions. She offers up information about the science of pregnancy and natural remedies for alleviating pregnancy symptoms. Most episodes are well under 30 minutes, so they’re the perfect digestible bite.

Find out more: https://nomonausea.com/pages/pukeology-podcast

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM, SoundCloud and Stitcher, free.

2. The Birth Hour
Women share their empowering, informative birth stories in The Birth Hour. Each episode is one mom’s birth story, with all the touching and funny details. Whether a hospital or home birth, a long labor or a short one, these first-hand accounts reveal the wonder of childbirth.


Find out more: https://thebirthhour.com/

Available on iTunes and Stitcher, free.

3. Mum Talk
Lifestyle blogger and yoga teacher Emma Jaulin hosts this charming podcast. She chats with guests and experts about pregnancy and parenting, as well as sharing her personal journey from being pregnant to her life as a new mom.

Find out more: https://www.emmajaulin.com/

Available on iTunes and PlayerFM, free.

4. Babes & Babies
If you like your parenting podcast with a taste of celebrity, this one is for you. Hosted by two moms and a doula—who also happen to be Bachelor stars Jade Roper, Carly Waddell and Elizabeth Sandoz—this podcast keeps it real with a touch of humor. The hosts dish with each other and their guests about pregnancy, motherhood and being a woman.

Find out more: https://babesandbabies.libsyn.com/

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM and Stitcher, free.

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5. The Longest Shortest Time
This award-winning parenting podcast isn’t afraid to tackle the hard topics of having and raising children. The show features parents from all walks of life and includes discussion on history, pop culture, politics and more, all through a parenting lens.

Find out more: https://longestshortesttime.com/

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM, SoundCloud and Stitcher, free.

6. First Class Fatherhood
Let’s not forget about the dads! Father of four Alec Lace seeks to set the record straight about modern fatherhood. Interviews with high-profile dads, from NFL players to actors to Navy SEALS, give an inside look at the role of fathers and the impact they have on their children.

Find out more: https://firstclassfatherhood.com/

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM and Stitcher, free.

7. Scummy Mummies
For those who want to laugh out loud, check out the award-winning and wildly popular Scummy Mommies podcast. It is hosted by comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn. The funny ladies and their guests discuss pregnancy and parenting with a wicked sense of humor.

Find out more: http://www.scummymummies.com/

Available on iTunes and PlayerFM, free.

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8. Parenting Great Kids
Dr. Meg Meeker is a pediatrician, author and speaker with 30 years of experience. She knows that happy and healthy parents make for better ones. Parenting is hard and she’s here to answer your questions, offer advice and talk to experts with the goal of empowering parents.

Find out more: https://www.megmeekermd.com/podcasts/

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM and Stitcher, free.

9. Parenting Bytes
With the rise of the Internet and social media, the digital landscape has changed so much since today’s parents were kids. Parenting Bytes confronts the unique challenges that come with parenting in the digital age, covering topics like screen time, digital safety and the latest technology to help raise your children.

Find out more: https://parentingbytes.com/

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM and Stitcher, free.

10. Zen Parenting Radio
Married couple Cathy and Todd Adams are self-help advocates and parents of three daughters. Her emotional approach and his analytical one offer the perfect balance to guide parents to reach a higher level of self-understanding. They mix in pop culture, humor and knowledgeable guests for relatable content.

Find out more: https://zenparentingradio.com/

Available on iTunes, PlayerFM and Stitcher, free.

—Katie L. Carroll


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