4 Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know About Dental Health During Pregnancy


It’s not uncommon to be afraid to go see the dentist. People can experience dental anxiety for reasons ranging from fear of pain to worries about how much it will cost, reported Psychology Today. That fear doesn’t just disappear when you become pregnant. Or even if you’re not afraid to visit your dentist, you may be wondering if it’s okay to do so during pregnancy.

Donald L. Chi, DDS, PhD, Associate Professor of Oral Health Sciences at the University of Washington School of Dentistry, assures Romper that pregnant patients should not avoid the dentist’s chair.

One of many misconceptions people have is that “pregnant women should skip going to the dentist because dental care is unsafe. Dental care during pregnancy is safe,” says Dr. Chi.

Romper also spoke with Jennifer A. Hasslen, BA, DDS, Assistant Professor at the Creighton University School of Dentistry, about another surprising factor that could keep moms-to-be away from the dentist.

“Some dentists, depending on how they were trained or who trained them […] don’t feel like it’s safe to work on any pregnant woman,” she says.

Don’t let that stop you from getting your routine teeth cleaning or checking out any oral health issues.

“It is important to find a dentist who is comfortable treating pregnant women,” Dr. Chi says.

Try to think of your dentist as a collaborative member of your pregnancy team, Dr. Hasslen explains, so that you and your coming child can be healthy. They can spot potential issues before they start, help you identify where you can brush better, and give you tips if you have a pregnancy-related dental health problem like pregnancy gingivitis.

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