5 Tips for Staying Calm When Your Children Throw a Tantrum



The toddler portion of your child’s life can be expected to be full of protests, arguments, and at least occasionally, full-on tantrums. When you experience your first toddler explosion, you may feel lost, with no idea how to handle this angry little person.

The key is staying calm. Even though their hysterical energy is infectious and every fiber of your being wants to yell “Get over it already!” — remaining calm will solve more in the long run.

The kid will eventually start to adapt to your soothing tones and possibly stop altogether once he or she sees your perseverance. With enough practice and dedication, you can survive these dramatic moments.

Eventually, your child will grow up into a reasonable human who will look back on how much you cared. And at some later point, he or she will return the favor by providing care for you in your old age as a thank you, one hopes.

Here are the best ways to stay calm for your child during the difficult moments.

Take Deep Breaths

Never underestimate the power of deep breathing. When you take control of your breath and focus on slow and controlled inhales, you’ll find that your emotions start to calm down. You’re no longer in panic mode, but in an easier state of mind as a direct result of controlled breathing.

Try to count your breaths rather than listen to your youngster’s screams. By focusing on counting and being present for each breath, you’ll feel distracted from your emotions.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Minute

When your child is tearing at your leg and throwing objects across the room, sometimes it’s perfectly reasonable to take a break. Not only is it okay to walk away from the situation if you’re feeling overwhelmed with negative feelings, but it’s encouraged.

By showing your child boundaries, you’re teaching valuable lessons in self-control. You’ll also be less likely to do something out of control that you will regret later.

Ask For Help

Ask your partner or a friend to help you. Sometimes the job of being the parent of a toddler is a little too much for one person to handle. Asking for backup isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Your friends may even be honored to take some of the pressure off your shoulders!

Repeat a Mantra

One of the best ways to retake control of your emotions in a charged situation is to repeat a mantra over and over. A mantra or an affirmation is a set of words that returns you to a confident and balanced state.

Your mantra can be anything you want, as long as it makes you feel strong and empowered. Repeat it as many times as necessary or say it silently in your head. The idea is to manifest whatever your mantra is saying, so make it a good one!



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