ASOS Rolls Out Modest Collection Full Of Hijabs To Bring Inclusivity To Fashion


ASOS has been applauded for its new inclusive collection.

Alongside the many other fashion brands under its belt, the retailer has debuted pieces by modest line Verona Collection, created for fashionistas who wish to dress conservatively.

The range comprises hijabs, maxi dresses and beautiful long-sleeved tops to ensure you appear stylish while staying covered.

Worth noting are the collection’s headscarves, which come in a multitude of designs including neons and bold patterns.

To showcase the products, ASOS enlisted beauty blogger Asha Mohamud to model various hijabs and long dresses costing between £11 and £55 (US$14 to US$72). Both the fast-fashion site and Mohamud have been applauded by shoppers for taking this bold step.

Verona Collection was founded by Lisa Vogl and Alaa Ammuss, who partnered British entrepreneur Hassan Mawji to grow their brand. Commenting about the partnership with ASOS, Mawji said that it was a huge milestone for Verona and the modest fashion community.

[via Metro, opening image via ASOS]

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