#BOSSIPSTYLE: Learn Fashion Design And Branding Online From This Top FIDM Professor


Real talk: spending your quarantining days at home staring at your phone all day and watching Tiktok after Tiktok isn’t going to get you anywhere. And while there are better ways to make use of your time like doing spring cleaning and breaking a sweat, you have another option: learning how to build a fashion empire that will give Rihanna’s Fenty a run for its money.

The Create Your Own Fashion Brand Bundle is a six-course online learning package designed to teach you how to be a successful couturier (the fancier word for fashion designer). Taught by Nino Via, a fashion expert who has worked at Ralph Lauren and is the current Assistant Creative Director of the Fashion Design program at FIDM, this set of courses will teach you everything you need to know about building a fashion brand.

For starters, you’ll be trained on how to turn fabrics into trendy pieces of clothing and get familiarized with the basic elements of fashion. You’ll then learn how to create and draft patterns, as well as discover effective sketching techniques. And finally, you’ll explore the business of fashion and learn how to develop a plan that will help your brand take off. You’ll also receive tips on how to market your brand and establish yourself as a major player in the fashion world.

Formerly $1,200, this bundle is now on sale for only $19.99. Use the code SPRINGSAVE40 to bring the price further down to $11.99.


The Create Your Own Fashion Brand Bundle – $19.99

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