Caring for the newborn: Parenting expert lists 5 early bonding tips for new dad


Involving your husband in your baby’s early days is important for him, the baby and you. This helps in establishing a long-lasting bond between the baby and his father. Parenting consultant, Liza Day, lists some pointers for new dads for early bonding with the baby.

Take a look at the video to understand each of these points:

Keep the following in mind for an early bonding with the baby:

  • Bathtime is a perfect time to get involved with the baby’s routine. He can take charge or get involved in it and it’s the perfect activity for the dad to be in charge.
  • One of things that dads tend to do is to take the baby out for a walk and this is perfect because it gives the mother a bit of a break. They can also take out the sling and go for a walk themselves.
  • If the mother is not breastfeeding, dads can help, especially during the night feeds. In case you are breastfeeding, you can express some milk for later, which can be fed by the baby’s dad.
  • It’s important let dad get involved in the baby’s routine. It gives you a break and develops the dad’s confidence about taking care of the baby and really helps with bonding.

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