COOLMAX® technology incorporated into H&M Menswear


The LYCRA Company is pleased to announce that COOLMAX® technology is featured in the latest everyday menswear collection at H&M. The technology transports moisture away from the body, helping to keep the wearer cool, dry and comfortable for longer, and has been introduced into an extensive range of key summer styles and wardrobe essentials.

The key to COOLMAX® technology is in the weave of the fabric itself: the fibre cross-sections wick moisture to the surface of the fabric, whilst allowing air to pass through. As the technical advance is part of the fabric, the garments will keep their functionality wash after wash. H&M’s key summer styles using COOLMAX® technology include polo shirts, tailored joggers, a two-button tailored slim-lapel jacket and slim-fit tailored trousers, faded denim jeans, crewneck T-shirts and tanks, square-cut trunks and mesh sneaker socks.

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