Dior-ID sneakers: A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the latest iterations


As a luxury fashion house, Dior is more synonymous with haute couture tailoring and refinement than sneakers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the house doesn’t know its way around a pair of high-quality sneakers. Case in point: Dior Men’s repeated success at combining streetwear sensibilities with Dior’s couture heritage that has birthed its slate of now-signature sneakers.

Dior’s artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri has taken on a similar approach for the women’s division. Introduced in the cruise 2021 collection was the Dior-ID sneaker. Chunky and fashioned somewhat similar to a familiar pair of adidas (especially around toe cap), the Dior-ID is perhaps a more grounded pairing to the Dior women’s abundance in softly tailored ready-to-wear pieces. All those times that we’ve worn dresses with sneakers? They’re a style trick that’ll never get old.

For spring/summer 2021, the Dior-ID sneakers have been refreshed slightly. For one, the sneakers now strike a slimmer profile that’s less skater-girl-wannabe and more street-style-fashion star, achieved by a slight lowering of the topline — a visually effective update.

Dior-ID sneakers.

While the originals were introduced in tone-on-tone colours, the spring/summer 2021 updates are set upon a white leather base with contrasting coloured accents on some of the sneaker’s defining design elements. The heel tab (featuring the full breadth of ‘Christian Dior’), tongue, and side adhesives are done in options of either dark blue, nude, green or red for a more timeless aesthetic.

What remains the same is the craft behind each pair of Dior-ID sneakers. As the savoir-faire images above show, the artisanal approach to the inner workings of the sneaker is a true testament to how the house of Dior has constantly evolved and stretched its capabilities to adapt to contemporary stylings.

Dior-ID sneakers in dark blue, nude, and green.

Time honoured techniques and luxury applications on something as common as a pair of sneakers? That’s something we can get behind and appreciate.

The Dior-ID sneakers are now available in Dior boutiques.

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