Dior releases ‘Dior Chez Moi,’ the brand’s first capsule collection dedicated entirely to loungewear

Dior Chez Moi

A sign of the times, luxury fashion house Dior has released its first collection dedicated entirely to loungewear. Titled Dior Chez Moi, which translates to Dior At My House, Maria Grazia Chiuri’s loungewear offering is a celebration of the art of living at home in style.

The selection of elevated loungewear pieces were designed by Chiuri during the early stages of lockdown, in an effort to celebrate the working and living from home lifestyle we have graciously embraced this year. Dior, which has a long history rooted in couture design, elaborate gowns and sheer tulle skirts have shifted their tone with the Dior Chez Moi collection, focusing on a more casual and integrated approach to dressing – one that remains consistent with the signature handwriting, of course.

Dior Chez Moi

Image: Courtesy of Dior

Working again in collaboration with Roman artist Pietro Ruffo, several pieces within the collection feature the Roman artist’s emblematic zodiac motifs; a design feature that has become synonymous with Dior in recent years. Redesigned as a world map that links the sky and earth, continents and constellations, as well as flora and fauna, Ruffo’s designs are complimented by one of the House’s hallmark codes, toile de Jouy – printed on silk twill pyjama sets, delicate bathrobes and snug ponchos.

See the collection in action in the video below.

The Dior Chez Moi collection is filled with a selection of noteworthy pieces that will make transitioning from ‘working from home’ back into the office a sartorial dream. From a collection-specific iteration of the house’s iconic double-breasted blazer, to cotton poplin zodiac-adorned shirts and a plethora of accessories to help add the finishing touches. If summer is the only thing on your mind, you’ll be pleased to know that the range features two swimwear offerings, both in the toile de Jouy and signature Dior Oblique design.

Dior Chez Moi

Image: Courtesy of Dior

One thing is for certain, Chiuri’s interpretation of loungewear will certainly be sitting at the top of our Wishlist this Christmas. Take a closer look at the Dior Chez Moi collection on the fashion house’s official website.

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