Divorce Dating Guide How and Where to Meet Other Single Parents


Below you’ll find our top 6 places to meet other single parents dying to get to know someone just like you.

Going through the pain of divorce and having to raise your kids in a broken home can be so devastating for some people that they can’t possibly imagine ever letting anyone new into their romantic lives. What’s more, most divorced people couldn’t tell when they last went on a date, even if you held them at gunpoint. If you don’t want to be one of those people, and would instead meet single parents in the hopes of turning things around and going back to dating, we’ve got just what you need. Below you’ll find our top 6 places to meet other single parents dying to get to know someone just like you.

#1: Your Local Park

One of the best places to meet other single moms and dads is your local park or playground. We all know that our kids make us look even more attractive, but there is one more thing worth mentioning when we’re out and about with the little ones – we play with them, act like we’re kids again, and show our true colors without any conscious effort whatsoever, giving the right person a chance to notice us.

#2: School Events

There are probably a bunch of single parents at your kids’ school, and you don’t even know about it. Make a point of attending school events like PTA meetings or conferences, organize a fundraiser or another kind of socially responsible activity. Taking such action tells everyone else you’re mature, responsible and a hands-on person, and you’ll attract other such individuals while also helping to keep the kids entertained.

#3: Single Parent Support Groups

Single parent support groups aren’t necessarily dating groups, but meeting the kinds of people who are struggling with the same issues as you brings you closer together, especially if you join forces to overcome them. Look for a support group on the community center bulletin board, online or in your local newspaper, and if you can’t find one start your own!

#4: Online

Let’s face it – so many people are getting together on Tinder and other online dating apps and sites that you really shouldn’t feel weird about jumping on that bandwagon. There are countless dating services specially geared toward single parents, and you can always go for one of the mainstream dating communities, and under preferences state, you’re looking to meet other single parents. Clearly, you’ll take extra safety precautions and meet in public places, and not disclose any personal information, such as your address or home phone number, until you’re comfortable with the person you’ve met on the web.

#5: Parties and Social Gatherings

To say that attending social gatherings when you’re a single parent is challenging would be an incredible understatement, but socializing with friends and friends of friends who know your friends expands your social circle, and increases your chance of crossing your path with other single parents. More importantly, you’re meeting new people on the familiar ground, surrounded by those who are close to you, so don’t be surprised if they play a little matchmaker.

#6: Blind Dates

Speaking of playing matchmaker, tell your closest friends you’d like to meet someone who’s also raising a child on their own, and let them work their magic. You may think you already know everyone your inner circle socializes with, but making an assumption like that can lead to you missing your chance to meet someone really special. Maybe they have a new cute co-worker who’s a single dad or their new neighbor is a single mom who’s your age. Keep an open mind when your friends tell you they think someone would be good for you because they do know you best.

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