Ezurin Khyra Talks Reality TV, Motherhood and Fashion

Ezurin wears LOVE earrings in 18k white gold set with diamonds; Juste un Clou rings in 18k pink gold and 18k white gold, sets with diamonds; LOVE ring in 18k pink gold set with diamonds and LOVE ring in 18k white gold, black ceramic set with diamonds all from CARTIER; top, pants and shoes from BOTTEGA VENETA (Photo: Prestige Malaysia)

Morning video calls with her children who are back in boarding school have become a regular routine but that does not stop Ezurin from fussing over her kids. She describes herself as a protective mother and sending her children off to boarding school was probably the most difficult thing she had to do. “I was worried that if I cried, they would start crying so I put on a brave front as it’s for their own good. Boarding school has shaped them and they have friends from all over the world. They actually educate me on how to be a better parent,” she candidly reveals.

When I prod Ezurin on her long-standing close relationship with her children, she cites honesty and maintaining an open communication at all times as the key. “When I was younger, I was too scared to say anything to my parents as I came from a very strict background. I want my kids to be honest with me even if they smoke or do drugs. Children are exposed to many things these days and it’s either you want them to lie to you or be honest. When the foundation is strong, they will know the dos and don’ts. They talk to me about everything and know to not neglect their studies and responsibilities,” she says.

If there is one thing Ezurin and YM Tunku Dato’ Yaacob have reached a mutual agreement upon, it is that the kids’ education always comes first. Though she has taken on a single mum role for the past two years, she stresses that self- love is priority. “As long as you take good care of yourself, there will be someone who will love you.”

From runway to couture, Ezurin’s bold fashion choices have turned heads and propelled her to a front row regular at fashion week. She credits her interest in fashion to her mother who always had a matching hat to pair with her outfit and never left the house without makeup on. “When I was 15, I owned my first set of heels which were 3.5 inches. It was a huge accessory back then,” she recalls fondly.

Her extravagant style is often well documented on her Instagram profile, the perfect fodder for loyal followers to lap up the designer ensembles she carries so effortlessly. But how much of it is real? “I don’t think of myself as being relevant but I just love fashion. Some people have a stylist but when I leave my home this is what I wear. To me, it’s either you have it or you don’t. The outfit of the day is already passé. People want to know the real you, how do you live your life. Is this what you really wear for dinner or is it just to feed your gram?” Ezurin answers without missing a beat.

Ezurin wears Juste un Clou torque necklace and ring in 18K pink gold, set with diamonds; Panthère de Cartier double loop bracelet watch in pink gold with diamond bezel all from CARTIER; Dress from MOSCHINO (Photo: Prestige Malaysia)

“You know, I’ve been observing what everyone is wearing in the room today,” she announces while gesturing to the hair and makeup crew in the room. I suddenly feel conscious about my entire outfit. Though she’s often labeled as a risk-taker in fashion, I ask the fashion enthusiast if she has taken risks when it comes to approaching life. “I’m more of a believer than a follower. If I believe this is what I want to do and this is what I like, I’ll do it not just because everyone likes it. When it comes to life, me as a risk-taker? That’s quite serious. When you have five children, you can’t be a risk-taker. Life and fashion are two totally separate things. You can change your clothes but you can’t change your life,” she points out.

Hitting up A-list parties and being photographed alongside her equally-clad coterie may be the norm for Ezurin but she confesses, “I like people to dress up, I think it’s important as it is part of self-love. I just want everyone to look beautiful all the time. My friends tell me whenever I come, they have to dress up or they will look like the help next to me,” she chuckles. Will she ever consider a future career in fashion? “I’m not a designer, maybe I will do something in lifestyle instead,” she answers.

What’s next for Princess E then? “The first thing I’m looking forward to is to move into a new home and hopefully be able to go back to the UK to be with my children. The pandemic has made me realise my own country is better than anywhere else right now. My children were back here for seven months and they love Malaysia more now, it’s the longest period they’ve been back.”

Photographer Bibo Aswan
Styling Yana Baharudin
Make-Up Khir Khalid
Hair Ckay Liow
Location Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, Chinatown

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