Fun designer bags from Saint Laurent, Jacquemus, Fendi and more


September can be a slog. Summer’s over and it’s back to the mundanities of daily life. The former might have proved exhausting rather than refreshing, but you dutifully traipse back to work regardless. All of a sudden, fun is nowhere to be found. You suppose it will make a return around Christmas. Rapidly, you come to your senses and realise you’re being dramatic.

Although September is not usually as fun as summer, it’s hardly intolerable. The sun still shines on a medium setting and holidays happen. If you need a boost, however, we recommend a fun bag. To us, fun bags are the sartorial equivalent of St. John’s wort. Not just for the wearer, but for whoever gazes upon them. While some — like Olympia Le-Tan’s Edvard Munch clutch — will start conversations in and of themselves, others — like a black patent Dior saddle bag — will make you the conversation.

Ultimately, a decent collection of fun bags is the antidote to a boring existence.

This story was first published on Buro. London.

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