Genelia Deshmukh shared an important message that truly defines motherhood!


It would be correct to say that motherhood is a truly gratifying and unique experience. There is no doubt that giving birth to a child fills a woman’s life with more joy and laughter.

But the arrival of a new member also means that a new mother faces many new challenges. And it is in facing these challenges that a mother becomes truly successful.

That is precisely the message actor and new mum Genelia Deshmukh is sending out through her ingenuous post on Instagram. Just a few hours back, she posted a message that reads: “Successful mothers are not the ones who have struggled. They are the ones who never give up, despite the struggles.”


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Her message resonated with several mums who reciprocated with several ‘thumbs up’ emoticons and agreed with her in their own way. While some wrote “Well said,” others shared their own journey through motherhood.


This is perhaps the first time Genelia has shared something so profound about motherhood, since the birth of her second son Rahyl.

However, in an interview to The Indian Express she gave just three months after the birth of her first son Riaan, she did mention that motherhood hadn’t changed her. She even had some great pearls of wisdom for Indian parents.

A happy mother can handle anything

While explaining that her baby is her top priority she said, “It’s undebatable that your baby is priority no. 1 (priority) even if your house is falling apart. It’s not easy because with a (then) three-month-old baby you’re still figuring out how to go about things. But thankfully Riann sleeps through the night which has made me a happier mother. A happy mom can handle her priorities perfectly, react more positively and be able to cheer up the baby.”

Continue reading to see why Genelia has a valid reason for why expecting mums don’t need any advice! 

New mums don’t need tips

In the same interview, Genelia was asked if she wanted to share any advice or tips with expecting mums and she stunned everybody by saying that expecting mums actually do not need any tips. Here’s why.

“There’s so much advice given by everyone around, some unwanted as well. I just want to tell new moms to enjoy their babies. I for one, love experiencing every moment and I’m sure each mom feels that way. No matter how much you’ve been told by others, it’s your own experience that matters,” she said.

Today, Genelia juggles the many responsibilities that comes with becoming a second-time mum and seems to have the same patience she did the first time around. That is perhaps because she loves being a mother.

In her first post with her younger son Rahyl as well she had shared a similar emotion and posted that she loved being a mum.

I love being a mother

“Actually I do everything myself and am exhausted by evening. But I love it and I think being a mother is the most rewarding feeling. In fact, as the days go by, I remember my own mum. I think motherhood makes you thank your own mom the most,” she said in the interview.

But she is not alone in her endeavour to raise her two young boys, She has the help of two very important ladies in her house- her mother and mother-in-law. She accepts that they have been quite instrumental with their help.

“Actually both my mum and mum-in-law are instrumental in raising Riann. I listen to them, but both encourage me to do things on my own and give me the freedom and space to do it. I finally do what my instinct tells me. As my mum says, you’ll know what your child wants eventually and my mother-in-law says that no mother is a bad mother,” she told the daily.

Be yourself

And when asked if motherhood had changed her, she maintained that she wanted to be herself irrespective of her current status and asked mums to do the same.

“I think the beauty is in being yourself and maintaining your individuality because that’s what is going to reflect in the child. The moment you try to be someone else, it’s gone. I’d like Riann to grow up knowing that his mum was this bubbly girl because that’s my personality,” said Deshmukh.

With these words she has certainly shared many pearls of wisdom with expecting mothers.

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