Gucci’s Cruise 2020 Collection Delivers The Perfect Nostalgic Look For Chinese New Year



To Alessandro Michele, there are no old and new things. Only beautiful things, he says. An unconventional take, for sure, but then again, Michele has never been one for such antiquities. He designs with the passion and curiosity of a sculptor looking inward, chiseling away at the surface until it falls away to reveal its whole: a kind of subversive, untouched beauty unapologetic in its entirety.

And so it is with reverence that Michele embraces authenticity in Gucci‘s Cruise 2020 collection, eclecticism and all, fusing elements of ’70s nostalgia and regal Renaissance motifs reinterpreted through a contemporary lens. Shot at an unassuming cassette and vinyl records shop — Waltz, that’s also one of the Gucci Places — tucked away in Tokyo’s quiet Nakameguro neighbourhood and at a Shinto shrine, each place encapsulates a moment of history untouched and perfectly preserved in time. Aptly offering their own nostalgia, Singapore actress Oon Shu An pays the places a visit, and embodies Michele’s vision of the unapologetic self.



Gucci’s Cruise 2020 collection is now available at Gucci boutiques across Singapore. Prices unavailable unless otherwise stated.

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