Here’s why Sharmila Tagore is worried about daughter Soha’s first pregnancy!


Last year with the arrival of Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, Sharmila Tagore became a daadi. And this year, daughter Soha is all set to make her a first-time naani.

And even though she has the experience of being a grandmother, Soha’s pregnancy has made the evergreen and graceful Sharmila Tagore quite anxious.

While she says there is no specific difference between becoming a daadi or naani, there is one thing that sets them apart and it’s got something to do with Soha.

“I am (anxious) today when Soha is expecting”

“I don’t think there’s any difference as such in the family, but yes, it is a bit, as it’s my daughter now, who is giving birth. Kareena’s mum was more anxious when she was expecting as I am today when Soha is. It’s the mother-daughter bond,” shared the legendary actor.

She also added that while now youngsters such as Soha are making an informed decision about having children, in her time things were different.

“I think it’s quite a big decision for women to have children. In our time, I don’t think we thought so much about it. We just went and had them and of course, life is not fun-filled and not complete if you don’t have them. It’s a wonderful thing when you think about it. I felt so much closer to my mother after I had babies. It bonds a mother and daughter more,” she added.

“Soha does call me to ask for advice on what to do”

The 72-year-old also added that while Soha is already quite careful and well-informed about the pregnancy, she does ring her mother for advice from time to time.

“Of course I do, as all mothers would. Like my mother used to do when I was carrying Saif,” she shared.

Tagore who shuttles most of her time between Delhi and Pataudi then added, “I guess mothers do sometimes know best and it’s also the experience that counts. Yes, Soha does call me to ask for advice on what to do and I do advise her, but I also tell her to follow it up only after checking with the physician.”

“Now that Soha is expecting, I will be coming to Mumbai”

However, with Soha’s pregnancy and Taimur around, she prefers to come down to Mumbai quite often now.

“Now that Soha is expecting, I will be coming to Mumbai more often. I like to come here, but I have my own life in Pataudi and Delhi…But yes, I would love to come to Mumbai more often. Taimur is also growing up and I would like to spend more time with him too,” added the doting naani-to-be.

While Sharmila might be anxious because it’s her own daughter now, pregnancy post the age of 35 anyway needs more care.

How to ensure a safe and successful pregnancy post 35

We spoke to Dr Nupur Gupta, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician, director, Well Women Clinic, Gurgaon, who shared that while age is simply a number for most women now, those considering pregnancy post 35 must still be cautious.

She lists the following ways by which you can ensure a safe and successful pregnancy post 35 years.

  • Regularly visit the gynaecologist to discuss your overall health as well as to check for any pre-existing diseases
  • Seek regular prenatal care and learn about prenatal testing for chromosomal abnormalities
  • Eat a healthy meal and include super foods and diet rich in iron, calcium, folate, fiber and all other essential nutrients
  • Gain weight wisely and do not go on a hogging spree just because you are ‘eating for two’
  • Do regular physical activity to stay fit, healthy, active and energetic
  • Intake of alcohol, tobacco and drugs are off-limits during pregnancy
  • Clear any medications or supplements with your health care provider ahead of time

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