How Dad-To-Be Steve Kazee Pampers Jenna Dewan During Her Pregnancy


Actor and dancer Jenna Dewan recently gushed about how her boyfriend, singer and actor Steve Kazee, pampers her during her pregnancy.

“Steve is amazing,” said Dewan in an interview with PEOPLE. “He’s the most nurturing man. He really is supportive and communicates well with me throughout the process. He’s always down for a foot rub and grabbing me bean burritos. He’s absolutely amazing.”

Dewan, 39, announced her second pregnancy — her first with Kazee — in September. Since this is her second time around the block, she says she’s less worried than she was when she carried her oldest child — now-six-year-old Everly, whom she shares with her ex Channing Tatum. Knowing what to expect, Dewan says there is less anxiety and stress. Though she admits to being sick a lot at the beginning.

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Aside from that, Kazee has been doing his part to prepare the whole family for another member. Both he and Dewan reading up on how to properly introduce a sibling into a family to avoid any jealous feelings. Comparing her family to a “unit”, she says that Kazee and herself want to make the transition to a slightly larger family as stressless as possible for the six-year-old.

As for how Dewan is feeling physically during her pregnancy, she says trying her best to stay active and fight her cravings of junk-food, chips, and salt.  She’s set out a pretty good routine too. At the beginning of her pregnancy, she took to pilates and workouts with her private trainer. Now, however, at the later stages of her pregnancy, she’s doing lighter exercises. The Flirty Dancing host also says she enjoys walking and yoga compared to more strenuous exercises. Still, she admits it’s harder to find the time now as, unlike her last pregnancy, she’s working more.

Neither the pregnancy or her hectic work schedule will slow Dewan down, however, as she was seen taking Everly to the park. Decked out in a leopard-print jacket, the soon-to-be mother of two hid her baby bump as she took Everly to horseback riding lessons. The star posted about her adventure on Instagram, where Everly can be seen in Dewan’s stories being led by an instructor while on the back of the animal.

The interest in broncos seems to stem from a familial love for the animal. In 2016, Dewan actually bought her now-ex Tatum a horse for his birthday. It looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

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