How to avoid unwanted pregnancy?


How many times do you think about sex every day? Can you guess that right ? Every seven seconds ? No! No way that’s a myth. Ok let me explain. Well their is no exact answer to that. It depends on you age and gender. Young people think more about sex than aged ones. Men(20 times/Day) think about sex more than women(10 times/Day). But relax that’s not just all men think about all day. Men think about food 18 times and women 15 times a day. Was that shocking ? Wait let me tell you about sleep which men think about 11 times and women 8 times a day.

Sex is a very important part of life which we can never neglected. It not only bonds us physically but also emotionally and strengthen the bond of love and trust between us. Other than that it boosts your libido and immune system, maintain blood pressure, decrease risk of heart failure, release stress, improve mental health and quality of sleep.

There are infinite benefits of sex but above all of them is the reproduction but sometimes you might not be ready for that and get unwanted pregnancy that brings me to my topic of discussion for today which is “How to avoid unwanted pregnancy” and I will tell you about contraception on basis of their success rate and explain each and every step.

Contraception: Avoidance of pregnancy year different methods other than avoid coitus or Hysterectomy.


1.Oral Hormonal COCP:

COCP are combined oral contraceptive pills which are taken from Day 1 of menstrual cycle to Day 21. Take break from Day 22-28 and take iron pills during this time as menstrual blood loss causes deficiency of iron in the body. In case of missed pill less than 24/ hours take the pill as soon as possible and use condoms for 7 days. If missed pill for more than 1 day but less than 7 days then open a new pack of pills and take them continuously without break. The failure rate for this contraceptive is 0.1-0.5%.


If your stomach get upset with oral pills then injections are also available.


It’s an implant which could be implanted on flexed aspect of forearm skin. It’s duration is 1-6 years and failure rate is 1-2%.


It’s Intra Uterine contraceptive Device inserted into the uterus. It is available in different forms. It’s Duration is 5-8 years and failure rate is less than 1 %.

5.Condoms, Cervical caps, Sponges:

condoms are the only way with can protect you from infective and sexually transmitted disease even though the failure rate is 5% but is still safe and easily available.

6.Natural methods:

Its only possible if a female have exactly 28 days menstrual cycle. Avoid sex between Day 8-18. Another method is to regularly check the temperature of a female body and when it’s raises 0.5-1.C avoid sex for next 3 days. It’s failure rate is 30%

7.Emergency Contraceptive:

This is the most important one of you know and understand this method then you can easily avoid unwanted pregnancies. Take 2 pill of COCP at time of sex and 2 after 12 hours. It only works till 72 hours.

Note: This article is for knowledge and understanding of contraceptives only. Please consult your physician for proper investigation and solution.

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