How to Deal with Anxiety During Pregnancy


Anxiety is common amongst women before and after pregnancy. Most times, it is fuelled by certain factors that may be weighing you down and even stressing you. For instance, a woman who has had complicated or failed pregnancies before will definitely start being anxious as soon as she learns about another pregnancy. After delivery, it is mainly caused by hormonal fluctuations and the overwhelming discovery of having a baby which is common amongst new moms. Here are some tips you could use to manage your anxiety both during and after pregnancy:


Therapy is almost the answer to every mental problem people experience and as such, may sound like cliché when mentioned as a solution for pre and postnatal anxiety. It has, however, proved to be one of the best ways a mother can use to get over her fear and depression. Therapists are usually highly-trained professionals who are skilled to point out the problem and help find solutions to it in the gentlest manner. You just have to find one you can trust, open up about your problem, and let her help you. It would be very helpful if you found one who specialises in anxiety in expectant and new mothers.


Exercise has never failed when it comes to boosting both mental and physical strength. It refreshes the body and helps you feel great; imagine the feeling after sweating it out in an intense morning workout then taking a long, warm and relaxing bath.

Yoga helps you focus your mental energy on your mental healing and if you stay consistent, you develop the ability to easily block anxious thoughts and focus on positive ones. While meditation is part of yoga, it can also be done separately in a different session. Be careful, however, that you don’t exercise so intensely that you harm yourself or the baby.


Your partner should be there to help you through your pregnancy and after delivery. This is just not physical; he/she should be able to listen to you and give you the assurance you need. Talk to him and be open about your insecurities. Let him know what is bothering you, and listen to what he has to say. Do you know that not talking to him about it can cause him to get anxious too? If both of you are stressed about anything then it would be wise to seek help from a third party, say, a therapist.


Some women have found comfort and relief from taking to other women who have been in the same situation. You could talk to your mother or even join a group. This will, however, depend on the cause of your anxiety. Make things as simple as possible, for example do your shopping online for cute baby girl clothes or newborn baby boy clothing depending on what you are expecting.

In a nutshell, anxiety during and after pregnancy is almost inevitable. Who wouldn’t worry about the delivery process, or whether the baby will make it, or how good a parent they will be? Remember, however, that you are not in it alone and if others have made it, you will too.

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