How To Explain The Chakras To Your Child- Energy Centre Of Our Body


We all agree that yoga is good for kids. Within yoga we learn about chakras which are energy centres or the vortex or whirlpool of pranic energy. They store the life force ie the pranas. There are said to be around 114 chakras in the body, of which 7 most important ones are placed along our spine. These chakras stimulate the pranic energy to open energy centres in our body. Each chakra has their own symbol but that is not something we need to explain at this stage. Let the kids understand what are the different chakras and their powers.

How to explain this to a child;

Imagine that your spine is a long tail with wheels or circles along it. Each of these wheels have some super powers that get unlocked with special mantras or spells. And all the colours of the wheels starting from top to bottom are colours of the rainbow ie VIBGYOR.

Let us now understand about each of these wheels or superpowers that reside in them.

1. Mooldhara or the Root Chakra — Think of this like a Red wheel at the end of your tail/spine. It is blocked by fear. When you surrender your fear, the super power of this chakra is activated to make you feel safe in your environment.

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