How to Guide Your Child on the Use of Smartphones for Educational Purposes


Some parents argue about the value of phones for kids. They think that allowing children to use their phones is a terrible idea. They worry that their kids might get addicted to online games. They also worry about what kids could get exposed to due to internet access.

these fears are valid, and parents have the right to deprive their
kids of the chance to use a smartphone if deemed necessary. If you’re
also contemplating it, you might have to start looking at it through
a different lens. 

smartphones can be addictive because kids can play endless video
games and have lots of content to browse, there are educational games
that your kids will learn a lot from. You don’t want to deprive
them of the chance to learn by taking away their phones.


a parent, it’s crucial for you to provide guidance to your child and
filter the information they consume. For instance, you can set
parental controls so that you can block apps or sites that contain
mature content. You can also receive alerts if they attempt to look
at the information they shouldn’t. The point is that you don’t give
your kids a smartphone and allow them to do whatever with it. You
need to explain to them why you’re allowing them to use the device
and in what way they need to use it.

the phone with them 

not enough that you tell your kids that they have the freedom to use
their phone and you’re a cool parent, unlike the others. It’s
essential that you take time to play with them and enjoy the games
together. It’s an opportunity to teach them lessons that they need
for cognitive development, and bond with them. Your kids need you to
be there for them as they grow older, and being a provider isn’t


you allow your kids to use phones, it’s crucial for you to tell them
that they need to follow the rules. For instance, they can’t play
beyond a specific time because it’s time for bed. You also have to
ban them from having a social media account since it’s not yet
suitable for their age. Provide them with other sources of content
that they will enjoy.

the right apps

You can download the best educational apps if you want your kids to use their phones to learn new information. Apart from checking the type of games the app has to offer, you also need to know other crucial features. For instance, some apps track the progress of your kids each time they play the game. Others have available quizzes to test how much they learned within a given period. These apps might help them progress until they develop specific skill sets. If you want to use these apps, you can look at Kidsmart for more information. It’s one of the best educational apps out there and they have some great resources and free 11 plus worksheets.

the different purposes of smartphones, it’s counterproductive to
prevent your kids from using them. 


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