How to Help Your Child Perform Better at the University


Watching your children going to college is one of the most precious moments in a parent’s life. It’s a big accomplishment for you as a parent and for your kid as well. However, it’s not all perfect. Being a student can be very frustrating as your kids are having numerous classes and activities which leads to a serious lack of time. As a parent, there is a lot of that you can do to help your daughter or son perform better at the university. In this article, we bring you ideas on how to ensure your child feels satisfied and motivated during its student years.

Understand your child

Understanding your children and everything they are facing is what will reduce the frustration they might feel once they’re off to college. Being surrounded by new people on a new location and with so many things to do, young people will often feel as they are not able to do their best. Having quality support from their parents will let them know they always have someone to talk to and somewhere to go back if something goes wrong. Whether you’ve been to university or not, helping your kid overcome his first challenges away from home is vital for them. Until they get used to their new lifestyle, try to be more available to them or even go visit them on weekends if they are somewhere close.

Give them freedom

Always watching your children, even when they’re away from home, can only end in negative consequences. Your child is already under a lot of pressure from college duties and you should help them feel more relaxed, positive and motivated. Constantly keeping track of all the exams, classes and other activities can put additional pressure on your kids as they will feel they need to please you with their academic performance. Getting used to anything new takes time and you should let your children do things at a pace that is best for them. Also, letting go of the need to control everything is what will give your kid freedom. Start letting them make their own decisions. They are becoming adults, whether you like it or not.

Provide help

If your kids struggle with a certain area and you see they could benefit from someone else’s help, suggest them exactly that. For instance, children may have troubles concentrating in classes and you can suggest them to go to the gym or pick a sports activity they like. You can even call your friend or a relative who had the same problem during college and let this person help your kid. If you notice they have troubles with writing and it’s affecting negatively their academic performance, why not seek a professional who is going to help with its writing abilities? When your kid needs to focus on PhD thesis writing, let them know they don’t have to do it completely on their own. The most important thing is to let your kids know they are not alone and that someone has already been through the same problem and managed to get out of it successfully.

Be their friend

Let’s face it, trying to parent someone who is in their early 20s can be very challenging for both sides. Instead, why not become more of a friend to your child? After all, they are your children but they are not kids anymore. Try to listen more and interfere less. Let them learn by making their own mistakes. Don’t try to prevent everything. If your kid is too lazy to start learning for a certain exam, try not to judge and allow them to feel what it’s like to fail an exam. Fails are a natural part of every person’s life but you’ll help your kids if you let them learn how to deal with failure. Don’t talk them out of going to parties on weekends if they have plenty of time to study. Social life is very important when you’re away from home and gaining new friends will help them become more satisfied with their college life.


These several college years will be a growth opportunity for you and your child. Make sure you do your best and understand that this is an experience your kid needs to go through. Let them know you are always there for them but also encourage them to make their own decisions. That’s the best way to help your kid perform better at the university.

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