How To Help Your Your Child Adjust To Their New School, Based On Their Temperament


This is my son. He is an autistic savant, so his challenges are really complex, but achievement really drives him. Particularly, his love of science, history, and politics. It is hard to get him to open up to kids because he is so laser-focused on the things he can learn, and also, what he can discuss with his teachers. He is the Hermione Granger in most circumstances. Needless to say, this doesn’t always make him the most popular.

Easing him in means getting him in the right classes. Speak to the administration and let them know your child is a high achiever, and have the receipts — because they’re not going to believe you otherwise. Have report cards, projects, and lists of their independent activities.

Encourage your child to find other high achievers — those who also raise their hand frequently. It’s also important for them to know that sometimes it’s good to let other children find the answers without your child’s instruction.

Get your child involved in extracurriculars that interest them, and have them pick one interesting topic that could be a good entry for them to make new friends. Maybe it’s Minecraft, maybe it’s baseball stats, maybe it’s weather. It will help them immensely to have non-scholarly things to discuss. Because in spite of my son’s inclinations, not everyone wants to talk about the potential outcomes of government involvement in Venezuela.

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