How to Raise A Creative Child



Creativity is a major factor for well-rounded children. Often overlooked by educators and parents, creativity can help your child in a variety of unexpected ways. From helping them with their confidence to encouraging thinking outside the box, a creative child has significant advantages over their peers. So how do you raise a child to be creative? We’ve got a few ways to inspire creativity in your child.

Let Them Play

As we get older, we stop playing the way we did when we were young. Suddenly we’re too mature, too serious to have fun in that way. When we stop playing, we lose that sense of wonder, not to mention a major chance to be creative. So encourage your kids to play, no matter what age. Help them do a puzzle, let them think up a crazy game with their rules, or even try out a video game together. By playing with your kids (and letting them play), you will unleash their inner creativity.

Get Musical

Music has a profound effect on kid’s minds. It can help them relax, inspire them, and motivate them. Surround your child with music from day one (and not just the types you like – expand your playlist). Have them try their hands at playing different instruments. Who knows – they may end up finding one they love!

Love Reading

A lifelong passion for reading can inspire creativity and help keep your child curious about and engaged in the world around them. So teach them to love reading, starting from when they’re very young. Read to them, and have them read to you. Let them choose their reading material and discuss it with them. By instilling a love of reading into your child, you’ll be giving them a powerful gift that will last a lifetime.

Take A Class

If your child is particularly interested in something (be it dance, theater, writing, architecture, or photography), look into having them take a class. If their school doesn’t offer any options, see if there are any local programs to explore. By making creative thinking part of a fun extracurricular, students will view them as enjoyable instead of just as a chore to endure.

School Them

Does your child have a real passion for the performing arts? Then it might be time to do some research on performing arts high schools. These schools place a heavy focus on the creative thought process and how it impacts a child’s whole life. It’s a phenomenal way to see them flourish and explore their talents. So if your child truly wants to become a creative person, this could be the place of their dreams.

Let Them Explore

Creativity comes about in a variety of ways; your child may express their talents in unexpected ways. Instead of trying to steer them towards skills you prefer, let them determine their course. If they want to study computer coding, support them; if they prefer drawing or sketching, buy them a pad. It might not be exactly what you had in mind, but it might be just what they need to get in touch with their inner creativity.



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