How to support your child for his homework?


Whether your child is still at home or has returned to school, homework is not always an easy exercise for him that requires new efforts. Learning to manage them is part of a relationship of trust shared with your teacher and parents.

Should we help him with his homework?

At first, your child needs support in the management of his homework to teach him to become independent. For this, do not hesitate to help him organize himself with a routine and regular schedules. Remind him to check that he has taken all of his equipment well and provide him with an appropriate environment for better concentration while avoiding distractions such as television, telephone or music.

You can also of course be interested in what he does while respecting his pace and his efforts. Being afraid of patience while remaining firm allows you to establish clear rules and stick to them.

What if he can’t do his homework?

If your child is having trouble doing homework, don’t do the work for them, but help them think for a solution. First make sure that he understands the instructions and suggest a book where he can find the answer. Children sometimes just need an example to understand, you can use a model to help them solve a similar problem or illustrate with characters for numbers or letters.

In primary school, the time spent on homework should not exceed 30 to 40 minutes. If it takes too long, talk to your teacher and see a specialist if you suspect a learning disability.

Find out more: “Help my child have homework”, by Bernadette Dullin, Hugo Doc editions.

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