Kareena Kapoor Khan is suffering from THIS common post pregnancy skin issue


From the outside it seems that new mum Kareena Kapoor Khan has everything going for her. She comes from an illustrious family, married into a royal khandaan and is now blessed with a son who she fondly calls “the most gorgeous man.”

But like any other new mum, Bebo is also experiencing post pregnancy health woes. And one that she recently shared on a live chat with her dietician Rujuta Diwekar is something that most women have faced.

Loss of calcium post delivery

She started by sharing that her body had lost a lot of calcium because of the pregnancy and it was something that naturally happens to all women post delivery.

“In one pregnancy you lose five years of calcium. So to get that back so it helps to accelerate the fitness levels, you have to, include calcium in your diet,” she said adding that initially she was quite apprehensive about adding dairy to her diet because she only heard people calling dairy bad for health!

“The first thing Rujuta gave me was yogurt and a glass of milk. But I said “But people are saying we should be dairy-free!” So she said, “No, you have to have, there is so much calcium in it,” she quipped.

Rujuta explained that post delivery it is must for women to include calcium-rich foods in their diet. “Dairy has a lot of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which helps you burn more fat,” she said.

And while Rujuta explained that in order to burn fat, you must first get the body used to it, Kareena shared a skin problem, which she said so many regular girls also asked her about. And, this was about dark circles. 

Dark circles post pregnancy

She said that one problem that many people have discussed with her and something that she is currently suffering from are her dark circles, which perhaps became more prominent post pregnancy.

“A lot of women after pregnancy have come up to me and shared that they got dark circles post delivery. I also had them post pregnancy, I still have them,” she said asking Rujuta for the solution.

How to remove dark circles post pregnancy

Of course, Rujuta had two very interesting solutions, all of which are important to incorporate.  

  • Women need to stop being overtly critical of their body, especially post pregnancy. Having such health issues is normal and it can be rectified easily but one must not single it out as ‘mission impossible.’
  • In order to deal with post pregnancy dark circles, which is a common problem, women must “increase foods which are higher in their iron and B12 content,” she said. Diwekar added that food items such as dahi (yogurt), chaas (buttermilk), more achaar (pickle) and even til ka laddoo (sweet sesame treat) are good to pack in those two components in the body.
  • Give your body ample rest and sleep by 10 or maximum by 11 pm. This will help the body rejuvenate and recuperate, thereby, helping the body to do away with these skin issues.
  • Eat healthy and always remember to eat in moderation. “Pay attention to what you’re eating, and decrease speed of consumption of food,” explains Rujuta. She added that slowing consumption also means that one must avoid eating in front of the television, where they cannot access how much one has already binged.

Diwekar added that women must be extra cautious about diet and exercise post pregnancy because it can affect them for a lifetime.

“People do crash things post pregnancy and that often leads to lifestyle disorders and thyroid and it forces the body to slow down metabolism post pregnancy. We cannot risk forcing the body to feel deprived,” revealed Diwekar.

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