Malika Sadani: New Science Of Motherhood


Back in 2014, in her hustle to find quality natural products for her baby, led to the making of The Moms Co. Malika Sadani, Founder-CEO, found that the country had a dearth of good and safe products for babies. Sadani felt a need to create a brand that partners women during their journey of motherhood. With a leap of faith, she commenced the company along with her husband, former Head of Strategy and Growth at Snapdeal and formerMcKinsey professional. The journey started through consultation with various manufacturers and expert in the field with no compromise on the quality. 

While handling India’s largest portfolio of skincare solutions for pregnant moms along with country’s first Australia Certified toxin-free brand, its target audience is the quality conscious mom. 

“Interestingly, over 40 per cent of our sales today come outside the Metros and top 10 cities, where a large base of moms are looking for igh-quality products but do not have access to them in their local markets. We have shipped to over 8,000 pin codes including cities like Azwal, Sajipanadu, Itanagar and more,” adds Sadani. 

The Moms Co. focus is on mom’s experience. “In every meeting, I asked the team to first start with explaining how the discussion at hand would positively impact mothers experiences,” informs Sadani. Brand building and owning the space as a solution partner to the mother, the company have started our new science of motherhood. 

The Moms Co. has raised capital through three rounds of investment with a total of $6 million from top tier consumer goods investors, DSG Consumer Partners and Saama Capital. Sadani says, “We plan to improve our supply margins by driving negotiations with material suppliers, warehousing and logistics partners given the improved scale. We also plan to improve our channel margins as we scale with our channel partners and re-negotiate terms of trade with each of them.” 

In FY 2019-20, the company’s revenue is Rs 35 crore wherein its target for 2022-23 is Rs 450 crore. Sadani emphasising on the challenges informs, “Our biggest challenges has been to align everyone from suppliers to manufacturers to create high quality, toxin-free products that are effective.” The products of the company are created through formulations that require longer product development and testing cycle.

Discussing her long term goals, Sadani adds, “Our vision is to be a mom’s partner into her journey to motherhood, a company that’s listening and addressing her concerns. We do this with our daily mission of helping her choose natural, safe and effective options for herself and her family. It’s the reason behind everything we do, including calling ourselves The Moms Co.”

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