Michelle Galván of ‘Primer Impacto’ lives a high-risk pregnancy


Michelle Galvan is the star of “First impact”Who is away due to , pregnancy. The presenter is a first-time mother to the health crisis , has worried about , baby.

“I have felt anxious, very afraid of not getting , because my pregnancy is high risk,” the celebrity told People in Spanish. “The doctor told me that you can go ahead because of the fact that I am a first-time mom and the high risk.”

The famous is excited for the arrival of , baby along with , husband Fernando Guajardo. To be ready before the arrival of , offspring, Guajardo started watching online videos to learn how to paint the room.

“This girl represents to me as a miracle. , is our dream come true and this magic that is around , I wanted to capture in some way, “confessed Galván. “, is the smallest room we have and I had to make the most of my spaces; then, the animal baskets were a key piece to put their toys, blankets, books


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