Happy Mama Monday!

Now that I am in my 3rd Trimester, I thought I would share my favorite must haves this pregnancy that I will continue to use until this little baby comes in June. Some of these items may not be a ‘must’ for everyone! But for me, I surely can’t live without them!

Anything to keep me cozy and comfortable these last few weeks is what I am focusing on! I recently got this new lounge set (bottoms here)  and have been wearing it non stop.

1 – Oversized Dress  – I am all about comfort these days and this oversized dress is the perfect dress to wear everyday!

2 – Bath Salts  – I have been taking a bath at least once a week, sometimes twice. And have been loving these bath salts

3 – Bio Oil  – I have been using this since day one! Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I recently just started applying this oil at nights too now that I am in the major growing and stretching point

4 – Olay Clay Mask  – Been loving and using this mask at least once a week. Generally when I take a bath

5  –Hydro Flask Tumbler  – Can’t leave the house without this. It follows me around the house too. Keeps my water so cold

6 – Tumbler Straw Lid – The best straw lid!

7 – Lululemon Align Crop Pant  – I just got the cropped version of these pants in black now that the weather has warmed up

8 – Belly Bandit  – I got this a few weeks ago and have noticed a major difference. I really have bad sciatic nerve and lower ligament pains while pregnant and this band has really helped to eliminate the pain. Especially if I am on my feet a lot.

9 – Blanqi Maternity Leggings  – Love these leggings

10 – Lululemon Align Jogger Pant – Okay, newest purchase and they are probably my favorite. If you love the align pants, you will love these!

11 – Blanqi Support Tank Top  – I also love to wear this tank top when the sciatic nerve and ligament pains are more present. It sure has helped a lot

12 – Oversized Sweatshirt  – Back to the comfort level. I recently got this sweater and love the oversized fit.

13 – Comfortable Dress  – A dress that is comfortable and cute

14 – Lumbar Pillow  – I know some people love the body/maternity pillows. But for me I just use the lumbar pillow we have on our bed. It’s the perfect size and easy to roll to my other side while in the middle of the night.

 15 – Pink Henley Top  – Just got this cozy top and it hasn’t come off!

16 – Lounge Pants  – Same with these pants They are so comfortable.

xo, Camilla

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