Motherhood Clarity Coach For Millennials Deciding To Have Kids, Explained


One of the more interesting things about modern times is the emergence of “coaching” as a flourishing growth industry. It seems as if there are “coaches” for all things. There are business coaches, life coaches, spiritual coaches and now… “motherhood clarity coaches”?

Although having kids might have been something that people were just “expected” to do at one point in time, this isn’t the case anymore. And although some people know whether they do or don’t want kids, it isn’t always that simple.

According to a piece written for SheKnows, there are motherhood clarity coaches now to help millennial women sort out whether or not they want kids. Even though it might sound kind of silly at first, this is actually a service that works similarly to therapy. Basically, these coaches help people get to the root of how they feel about having children by working through some mindset and experience based stuff that might be creating some confusion around the issue.

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In the SheKnows piece written by Marshall Bright, One of these types of coaches was interviewed, a woman named Ann Davidman. Davidman is the woman behind Motherhood Is It For Me, and her purpose is to help women sort out whether or not they want kids. Obviously, if someone knows which way they are leaning they would not need a coach. Her clientele are those who have a significant difficulty in trying to pinpoint their actual feelings when it comes to procreating. After all, if you choose to have kids that is a huge commitment, however if you choose not to there is always that chance you may regret it later.

Although it may seem like an easy choice for some of us, there are a variety of factors that can make it a difficult choice for some. Some people might be worried about their ability to travel or pursue their careers after children are born, while others might be concerned about things like the environment, resources, or financial security. Add on top of that the emotional considerations that can come with the choice of whether or not to have kids, and it’s no wonder that it becomes a muddled issue.

So although a motherhood clarity coach may sound like a silly little thing, it actually might be more useful in modern family planning than we think.

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