Night-time routine for children: How to get your children to sleep – 7 top tips


Worry doll or worry box

Just like adults, anxiety keeps children up worrying.

A worry doll or worry box could help them to get rid of these anxieties and relax before bed.

Ms Shallow said: “If you can, try to address and alleviate worries before bedtime, and remove them completely from the bedroom.

“Bedrooms should be a safe haven, free of the stresses and worries of the day – and a good way of ensuring this is by buying your child a worry doll.

“Encourage them to air their thoughts to that – almost like an imaginary friend, but with a physical presence.”

If your child doesn’t want to tell you their worries, get them a worry box.

Simply put a box in another room in the house and encourage your child to write down their worries and put them in the box.

Ms Shallow added: “Then, perhaps after tea, take out the sheets of paper and go through them one by one as a family.

“This will mean that your child feels as though they are being listened to, and implementing it as a family activity shows that it is important.”

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