Nike Unveils Its Latest ACG Collection Through an Immersive Virtual Experience


Nike has introduced its latest ACG collection via an innovative immersive experience with online retailer Sivasdescalzo (SVD). The augmented digital platform, dubbed “An ACG Platform for the Digital Explorer,” is set at Crater Lake, a national park in Oregon.

Mirroring the elements of Crater Lake, garments in the range are crafted from GORE-TEX fabric, PrimaLoft and rugged rubber material. Elsewhere, pieces like the jackets and crewneck sweaters are made for all types of weather conditions. As for the development of the virtual experience, SVD partnered with PLAYLAB, INC., a Los Angeles-based creative studio, to create the one-of-a-kind platform. In addition, the 3D silhouettes were designed in collaboration with Barcelona-based multidisciplinary design studio Rendooo.

Take a closer look a the offerings above. Head over to SVD’s website and experience “An ACG Platform for the Digital Explorer.”

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