PARENTING TIPS: How To Handle An Angry Child


Here are the ways to handle an angry child as part of the parenting tips

PARENTING TIPS – Parents should know these ways to handle their angry kids to have a better result and would have a positive effect on the child.

Having tantrums is just normal for kids. However, parents should understand the emotions of their children because not knowing how to approach certain situations could affect the child in the long term.

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According to the article from Views From A Step Stool, here are the ways that parents should do when their child is angry.

#1 Be sympathetic

Sometimes adults would think that children cry over petty things like if they can’t have the color they want for a pair of socks. Grown-ups would say, “what’s the big deal?”. However, for children validating their emotions is important and negating will do no good. If the child gives importance to something, it will not be useful if you question their understanding about giving value to something.

#2 Give them space but not isolation

Angry children, in some situations, would resort to something physical. Instead of hurting themselves or other people, introduce to them the punching of the pillow of squeezing of the blanket to relieve tension. You can also introduce to them the calm down corner where they can have the outlet of their emotion. Be sure in giving them space that you are not making them feel isolated from the family.

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#3 Remind them that it is okay to feel angry

Make your child understand that showing emotions is okay and part of the wide range of emotions is being angry or getting mad over something. Be sure that when you give your child the consequence for being upset, it is always because of their behaviors and their emotions.

#4 Avoid over-reacting

Your calmness in this kind of situation will also affect the emotion of your child. The calmer you are, the easier for you to make your child calm down. Based on the article, yelling and aggression will just worsen the situation.

#5 Listen with eye contact

Make your child talk about what they feel and in doing this, listen to them attentively. Eye contact also helps dramatically in this kind of scenario. They want to feel heard, especially when the times come that they are upset.

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