Protecting your children in the event of death: how to do it?


Protecting your children in the event of death: how to do it?

It’s hard to imagine the worst when everything is going well. But in the event of a hard blow, there are solutions to protect your loved ones. Here are some.

The death of a parent or a serious health concern can upset a family’s financial situation. However, there are ways to protect your children and keep them safe in the event of a blow.

Choosing the right pension plan

If you are an employee, your employer is deemed to have taken out a group death benefit contract for you. To effectively protect your assets and provide your family with the same standard of living in the event of a problem, it is better to supplement this formula with a private pension plan. You will thus be able to be insured in the event of death, illness, disability or even an accident in everyday life. Choosing the right contract is essential. For that, it is advisable to select a formula in phase with your situation (age, lifestyle, family).

Life insurance, a must?

A very popular investment for French people, life insurance has many advantages and makes it possible, in particular, to build up long-term savings while making it grow. But its characteristics go beyond the simple financial aspect: life insurance also responds to family and estate objectives that protect your family in the event of death.

In the absence of gifts, the law provides for allocating a fraction of the estate to the surviving spouse, life insurance guarantees him additional savings on which the rules of inheritance do not apply. If you wish, it is also possible to include your children via the dismemberment of the beneficiary clause of the contract.

Death insurance, a good idea?

Yes, if you want to supplement other solutions that may already exist. Death insurance provides comprehensive help and will help your family cope with the financial consequences of death or total disability, whatever the cause. Assistance guarantees and legal protection can also be part of the contract and thus effectively protect those around you. As of the subscription, you can make a first payment of capital which will be released immediately in the event of disappearance, avoiding your close relations to find themselves deprived.

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