Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Says She ‘Let Go’ & Gained 55 Pounds During Pregnancy


If you ask us, we could never tell Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gave birth given how quickly she’s bounced back to her pre-baby size. But the actress admits it was a challenge.

The model-turned-actress recently revealed that she found it “humbling” to gain so much weight during pregnancy – 55 pounds, to be exact. Huntington-Whiteley recently opened up about the subject on Ashley Graham’s podcast Pretty Big Deal. She said that she didn’t restrict her eating while pregnant with her 2-year old son, Jack. Given how long she’s had to watch her weight for her career, she found it a refreshing and freeing time.

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“Listen, I enjoyed myself. I let the reins go,” the mom-of-one explained on the podcast. “It’s a new experience, so you’re kind of like, well, let’s see how this goes. And six months in I was like, ‘WHAT! This is crazy!’” However, she admits  she struggled to accept her changing body, adding she “basically walked around naked for the last month at home.”

“By the end, I just felt really empowered in my body, but it took a minute to get there,” Huntington-Whiteley, who shares her son with fiancée Jason Statham, went on. The celebrity went on to explain that she found it even more challenging when the pregnancy weight didn’t come off as easily or quickly as she’d hoped. Ultimately, she describes it as a journey of self-acceptance and body positivity.

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“I would look in the mirror and I was like, I have 35-40 lbs. to lose,” the Transformers alum explained. “And I go to the gym, go to the gym, go to the gym, it’s not falling off, it’s not coming off, and it was very humbling for me because having had a certain body type for most of my life … I will say working out in the gym and looking back at myself and feeling like s—, I was like, now I understand how hard it is for some people to get to the gym.”

She also added that she’s felt guilty when telling people about her workout routine because she doesn’t want them to feel the need to go to the same lengths. “I cannot tell people how to feel about their bodies, because everybody has a different experience,” Huntington-Whiteley said.

She continued: “Everybody’s body is different, everyone is on their own journey, and I really want every mother to really focus on herself but also the time with her child and it’ll come, it’ll happen, and everybody gets back to a place where they feel good again, if not better. Because I feel better, and I feel a different respect for my body than I did before.” You took the words right out of our mouths, mama!

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