Show, don’t tell: Dating tips for 2020 to add spark to your relationships


Unlike any generation in the past, the Indian millennial is fully aware of who she/he is, in terms of their belief system, values, and non-negotiables. This is a generation that has put financial independence above marriage, prized gender equality, stands up for what they believe in and fought side-by-side to make a place for themselves on the world map.

Millennials made memes a language of love – step aside roses! But when you break away from this supposed homogeneity you realise that each individual is diverse. <!–

–> It is the quirks that make up each person, something that their parents, friends, and neighbours think may be weird, but that one anomaly that the right kind of partner will love and cherish. And so in 2019, Indian millennials continued to defy mainstream expectations, living life on their own terms.

From the earth-shattering Game of Thrones finale to the moon-moving Chandrayaan, Indian millennials’ dating habits proved that the 2019 journey was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. Here’s a look at OkCupid’s recap of how Indian millennials dated in 2019 and the top trends that will rock their dating lives in 2020.

An interesting and quirky trend of 2019 was a large number of people connecting while exchanging memes and cute animal videos. Profile photos that include animals are 3x more likely to get attention. This is a popular choice as users are 4.5X more likely to talk about their hobbies, jobs and pets than they are to talk about what they want out of a relationship on a first date. 40% of the users would like to connect over questions about their goals, hopes, wishes and plans for the future.

If you’re hanging out with buster, put a picture up and get ready to talk.

2019 has again proved how right the ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ strategy is in dating. On OkCupid, we match you on the things you care about so the best way to write a great profile is – instead of describing yourself with a long list of adjectives, talk about the things you love and enjoy doing. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, mention the time you went skydiving; if you’re funny, describe the time you made everyone laugh with your maid of honour toast.

Don’t limit the pictures you share to just those on your dating profile by connecting your Instagram account because it’ll get you more messages and explain your personality in more vivid detail. In the 21st century India, romance has evolved to be equal and inclusive, a sentiment we see gaining more strength this decade.

In 2019 it became clear that nobody is looking to be set up by friends or family. An overwhelming 92 percent feel their values are vastly different from their parents’, and a majority of them (79 percent) also do not believe they echo their friends’ choices. As the generation today is witnessing a world with less and less social friction, matching with people online on apps like OkCupid is the best way to interact with potential partners. Moreover, the onset of digital technology and easy access to the internet has played a critical role in helping millennials meet like-minded people and make their choices.

Be open to serendipity, put your best foot forward and make it count for you.

Melissa Hobley is CMO at OkCupid


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