Successful Bradford fashion store reveals expansion plan amid ‘increase in demand’


A BRADFORD-based fashion shop has submitted a plan to expand due to an “increase in demand”.

Janan, on Shearbridge Road, opened its doors in 2011 and has achieved “incredible success” by selling the “biggest and best” Indian and Pakistani fashion brands.

The planning application describes it as a “fast growing business”, with ten outlets across the UK and a “substantial social media presence”, with more than 250,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram.

It says: “Headquartered in Bradford, this business is a valuable asset to the city.

“The proposal is a valuable representation of the dynamism of Bradford’s Asian business influence in this sector.”

The shop is seeking permission to alter and extend one end of the retail building to create a new entrance area, a menswear clothing floor and storage.

“The alteration and extension is largely driven by an increase in demand for the menswear offering and restricted retail space on the ground floor, affecting the operation of the applicant, which means that space inside the existing unit needs to be re-arranged,” says the application.

It adds: “The design proposal seeks to provide a significant improvement to the current facilities of the retail unit. The design will provide a building that is sympathetic to its setting, yet will also provide new, more efficient use.”

It says new cladding at the front will “freshen up” the look of the shop.

The application adds: “Rather than creating a new free-standing building, the proposal is an addition to the already well established Janan buildings, creating a unified complex with continuous levels of interconnected retail spaces.

“The upper plate of the retail unit is a direct response to the need for Janan to expand their menswear collection.

“The fashion retailer is seeing rapid sales growth and expansion, following both online and in store sales thriving. The company is tapping-in to a generation of younger consumers who shop on their mobile phones and share fashion tips through social media.”

It says the building will operate at a “moderate to steady pace” during the main part of the day and into the evening.

“There is on street parking permitted in this area and the streets are not congested in the evenings although we do appreciate that the Rio Grande can create a demand for on street parking when there is a function taking place,” says the application.

“However, the proposal is able to function with the car parking around the building. The proposed level of parking would be sufficient to meet the needs of the existing and proposed uses without adversely affecting highway safety.”

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