This is Motherhood.



This is motherhood.

Real, naked, undone, unmade – Motherhood.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to be vulnerable. Not just that fake “this is my life, but I secretly filtered and zhuzhed it up a little” stuff, but really, truly vulnerable. If I’m honest, I originally wanted a super precious photo of us together that I could put a sweet quote with about how perfect being a mom is. But that’s not what I got, and if I’m honest, that’s not what’s real. If I only shared the best parts of my life, who would that serve?

I have no doubt that if you looked closely at my life, you’d find an ample amount of flaws to judge or criticize.

Tired eyes, messy hair, imperfect skin. Postpartum anxiety. A body that didn’t go directly back to pre-pregnancy status. The crying toddler that clearly wants no part of this photo.

This is my tiny human that is no longer mine, but his own – two feet tall with a six-foot attitude. This is a person that I have recently asked to stop eating a loofah.

Sometimes it’s amazing and I feel like a supermom.
Sometimes I just feel like a zookeeper herding around a tiny animal, trying desperately to anticipate whatever wild thing he’s going to do next.

I’m learning each day how to care for my people without sacrificing caring for myself. Each day my patience is tested, my faith is required, and my heart is filled.

Even though this thing is literally (literally) the best thing I’ve ever done – it’s also the hardest.

Motherhood isn’t just the state of being a mother – it’s a group that we all belong to. It is the relationship, the encouragement, the advice, the love that we should be giving to each other as fellow moms. It should mean that we come together in solidarity and community instead of tearing each other apart for our differences.

Because, at our core, we are all the same:

Stay-at-home, go-to-work, organic, processed, vaccinated, unvaccinated, vaginal birth, cesarean, birth mother, adopted mother, home-school, public school, breastfed, bottle-fed, cloth diapered, pampered – IT DOES NOT MATTER.

No matter who you are, or how you raise your children, motherhood is the same for all of us in so many ways.

It is imperfect, and sometimes ugly, it’s hard, and complicated, and fun, and beautiful, and we’re all just trying to figure out how to raise strong, healthy, confident children, and do it without making too much of a mess of it.

This is motherhood and we are mothers.

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