We Women Stylists tell what fashion products are coveted right now – some already sold out


Who would know the wardrobes and whims of Finnish trendsetters better than fashion professionals.

Vesa Silver has styled numerous artists and music videos.

Nina Nuorivaara has styled fashion stuff for Me Women, for example.

We asked them what are the most coveted fashion products this year.

At the moment, Finns especially crave nice, versatile and domestic products that will not be used in the years to come.

Vimma Company’s merino wool Tint knit with Love pattern

The red and white merino wool Tintti knitwear has several hit materials: domesticity and a timeless one-size-fits-all unisex pattern.

The sweater has fresh colors and a topical but at the same time timeless slogan.

The shirt was designed by Maija Louekari.

Photo: Vimma Company

Bottega Venetan Cassette Bag

If you find a few tons of extra, leather-braided, brick-shaped Cassette bag in your account, it’s the absolute luxury purchase of the year.

Founded in 1966, the Italian Bottega Veneta has raised its profile in recent years.

Vesa Silver estimates that the metal-strapped bag will rise over time to the position of a cult bag alongside Dior’s Saddle bag.

Marimekko’s Unikko denim jacket

The colors of the Unikko pattern, born in 1964, have been updated numerous times.

The poppy pattern looks fresh again in all colors, but the most desirable is the black-beige-white version.

The line of the denim jacket has varied with the fashions.

Vintage rats often have a narrower design, this year’s jacket is more casual in line.

The light blue Ranta Unikko jacket from the early autumn collection looks fresh and up-to-date when combined with trousers with the same pattern.

Sleek Super 72 Beyoncé Ivy Park sneakers

In January, Adidas launched a collaborative collection with pop star Beyoncé called Ivy park.

Sleek Super 72 Beyoncé Ivy Park sneakers in particular became a favorite with the flu.

Their charm lies in comfort, classic design and a touch of star dust.

The entire collection is sold out.

Dr. Martens Maiharit

Of particular interest are the high-arm, calf-rising models or thick-based platform versions.

Maiharis are worn with a flowing flower dress or combined with a giant blazer.

Black is a classic, but colored and patterned boots are also popular.

Marimekko Karla bag, metallic colors

Inspired by candy paper, the Karla bag has achieved classic status as a favorite bag for style-conscious people in five years.

The elongated bag made of soft leather is made in several colors from black and white stripes to purple.

This year, online fleas and an auction are rumored especially after sold-out metallic shades.

The bag was designed by Anna Werner.

Hálon Kajo-neule

Darkening evenings require color to accompany them.

The Kajo gradient sweater, which adorns the broken northern lights of Finnish Hálo, sits loosely on top.

It’s perfect for a guy in a satin spaghetti strap dress or a top for wide jeans.

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