When a Cause Meets Fashion What’s better than being mindful of our planet?


What’s better than being mindful of our planet? After all it’s our home and definitely the one thing we can’t live without. So the least we can do is return the favor by making the most out of its blessings. And Tryano sure knows what we’re talking about as it joined the movement and embraced sustainability in all its forms, “under the Chalhoub Group’s direction” – as stated Sharmila Murat, Tryano’s Vice-President.  

Even though Tryano knows it’s not going to be easy, they are also aware that they have to start somewhere. Thus, it all began a few years ago with some changes made in their store, windows and by their buyers. The latter scouted the world for ethical brands to join the movement like Stella McCartney, Veja, Balenciaga, Aesop and many other remarkable brands in both fashion and the beauty worlds.

As for their latest contribution in making our world a better place, Tryano shot their SS20 campaign in Cape Town, South Africa in which some giant turbines creating sustainable energy were caught in the background to shed the light on the importance of sustainability. The collection is already inspiring itself, so can you imagine the life-changing impact it left on us with the message it holds as well? You will know what we’re talking about as you enjoy their amazing looks and get inspired by their vibrant color palette! You can also check this collection and other Tryano beauties on www.tryano.com.

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