Why you need to get to know Swedish menswear brand Asket


Fast fashion – the idea of ‘wear it once, throw it away’ – is a trend that’s had its day. The notion of having loads of anything, especially clothes, seems like a waste. What’s the point in having a big collection of rare trainers or vintage denim jackets if you’ve got so many you never wear any of them? 

That’s why Swedish brand ASKET is such a breath of fresh air. Instead of producing season after season of new styles, it sells one permanent collection of ‘timeless luxury basics’ that go from button-down oxford shirts and smart polos to selvedge jeans so perfectly tailored they should write a film about them. 

As you might expect, the aesthetic sits somewhere between Ivy League, obsessive Japanese clothes nerd and ‘highly respected Scandinavian architect’. Which, as ASKET is based in Stockholm, makes sense. 

Here ASKET’s co-founder August Bard-Brigéu takes us through the philosophy of this most refreshing of new men’s brands. 

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