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‘Amazing Events to Join in June in Wales’

by Topwitty

June is an exciting month in Wales, filled with a variety of festivals catering to different interests. From music lovers to arts enthusiasts and families, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the key festivals happening in Wales this June:

1. Westival (6th-10th June)
Located in the breathtaking Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Westival is an inclusive festival with world-class music and a unique atmosphere. It features a mix of emerging and established artists, making it a must-visit event.

2. Gottwood Festival (13th-16th June)
Gottwood is an independent electronic music festival set in the enchanting woods of Anglesey. With its intimate vibe and impressive line-ups, this festival promises an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

3. Hay Festival (23rd May – 2nd June)
This renowned literary festival in Hay-on-Wye extends into early June, featuring talks, workshops, and performances by leading authors, poets, and thinkers. It’s a must-visit for literature enthusiasts.

4. Big Love Festival (28th-30th June)
Set in Monmouthshire, the Big Love Festival is a celebration of music and arts with a community feel. It offers a diverse line-up of music, arts, and activities, making it the perfect weekend getaway.

5. Inside Out Festival (24th June)
Held in Cardiff, this dance music festival in Bute Park attracts ravers with genres like drum and bass, hip hop, grime, garage, and house. It promises a lively and energetic atmosphere for all attendees.

6. Wales Balloon Festival (28th-30th June)
Taking place at the Carmarthen Showground, this festival features hot air balloons, live music, entertainment, and family-friendly activities. It’s a visual delight and a great way to spend a summer weekend.

These festivals showcase the rich cultural landscape of Wales and provide a range of experiences for both locals and visitors. Whether attending the Hay Festival for literary delights or dancing at Inside Out, June in Wales offers a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the best of what the country has to offer.

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