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‘Annual Art Sale with Mysterious Origins Happening on June 7-8’

by Topwitty

The Springs Mystery Art Sale is back after a hiatus and will take place at Ashawagh Hall next weekend, June 7 and 8. This year’s event will feature around 900 individual pieces of art for sale, with each 5 x 7-inch artwork priced at . What makes this sale unique is that buyers won’t know whether the piece was created by a student or a renowned local artist until the closing party on Saturday night.

Casey Dalene, the show’s benefit chair and a member of the Springs School Parent Teacher Association, has spearheaded the revival of the event. With a background in working at galleries and museums, Dalene is excited to bring the Springs Mystery Art Sale back this year. The event will showcase approximately 700 pieces by students from pre-K through eighth grade, as well as around 150-200 artworks by professional adult artists.

Notable names like April Gornik, Hiroyuki Hamada, Scott Bluedorn, and others will participate in the event. Additionally, 20 full-size pieces by established artists will be available for bidding in a silent auction. All proceeds from the sale will benefit art education at Springs School, supporting initiatives like art-related field trips and the acquisition of a kiln.

The public can visit the Springs Mystery Art Sale on Friday, June 7 from 5–8 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. A closing party will take place on Saturday at 5 p.m., where the artists’ identities will be revealed until 8 p.m. Students from Springs School will have special visiting hours before the public opening.

Dalene anticipates a strong turnout for the opening night, as attendees vie to get their hands on unique artworks at affordable prices. Artists interested in participating in the sale can reach out via email for more information. The Springs Mystery Art Sale promises to be a delightful event that celebrates artistic talent while supporting art education in the local community.

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