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‘Anticipated Events on Day Two of the Reeling Festival in Glasgow’

by Topwitty

The second day of the central belt’s largest traditional music festival is set to begin in Glasgow today. Fans of The Reeling, hosted in Reuken Glen Park, will be treated to the best of traditional Scottish folk music.

The lineup for the day includes performances by Julie Fowlis and Mànrun. Festival organizer Michael Pellegrotti expressed excitement about the strong following traditional music has in Scotland, especially with impressive bands on the scene.

The festival has partnered with SpeakGaelic to incorporate Gaelic signposting and language throughout the event. Michael believes this integration is important for both Gaelic speakers and non-speakers, as Gaelic is integral to traditional music.

Attendees can also look forward to surprise acts, with Michael hinting that fans of Niteworks will be pleased. Last entry to the festival site is at 8pm.

With a diverse lineup and a celebration of Gaelic culture, The Reeling promises to be a memorable event for music lovers across Scotland.

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