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Audience Favorite award goes to “The Enigma of Keros” at international festival in Oregon

by Topwitty

The documentary film “The Enigma of Keros” received the Audience Favorite prize at The Archaeology Channel’s International Film Festival in Oregon. Directed by Kostas Macheras and produced by Michael Dimitrakakos, the film explores the archaeological discoveries on Keros island in Greece.

The excavation on Keros, an uninhabited islet southeast of Naxos, was led by the British Archaeological School and the University of Cambridge. Renowned archaeologist Lord Colin Renfrew focused on solving the mystery of why fragments of Cycladic figurines found on the island do not form complete figurines.

According to Renfrew, Keros is the world’s oldest maritime sanctuary, dating back to the Early Bronze Age. The site also yielded bronze items and showcased innovative architecture.

“The Enigma of Keros” has been awarded at various film festivals for its direction and educational value. The film is available with Greek and English subtitles on ERTflix.

The TAC International Film Festival, where the film won the Audience Favorite prize, features films about the human past and cultural heritage. The 2024 competition included 77 entries from 24 countries, with 27 films selected for screening.

Overall, “The Enigma of Keros” offers a fascinating look into the archaeological wonders of Keros island and its significance in ancient Greek history.

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