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‘Empowering American Indian students through higher education with the Entergy Tribal Scholarship’

by Topwitty

Entergy Tribal Scholarship Empowers American Indian Students Through Higher Education

Entergy, in collaboration with the American Indian College Fund (AICF), recently awarded a grant to support higher education for Native American students. This partnership has been ongoing for nine years and has played a crucial role in empowering Native American students to pursue rewarding career paths and become influential leaders in their communities.

During a special event at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Entergy Louisiana president and CEO Phillip May and Entergy Vice President for corporate social responsibility Patty Riddlebarger presented a ,000 check to the AICF and the United Houma Nation Chief for student scholarships. This contribution will benefit students as they embark on their educational journeys and strive to make a positive impact.

May expressed the company’s commitment to creating opportunities for young individuals to overcome educational barriers and pursue higher education. Since 2015, Entergy’s shareholders have funded over 5,000 in scholarships for Native American students, supporting 135 scholars. American Indian students are the most educationally underrepresented population in America, receiving bachelor’s degrees at less than half the national average.

The AICF supports over 4,000 students annually in starting and completing their educational journeys, with a goal to achieve a 60% graduation rate for all scholars by 2025. Since its establishment in 1989, the AICF has provided over 150,000 scholarships and more than 0 million to support American Indian communities.

Entergy’s vision “We Power Life” extends beyond delivering essential energy services to investing in critical programs and initiatives that contribute to the growth and prosperity of communities. Through philanthropic endeavors, volunteerism, initiatives to support low-income customers, and economic development initiatives, Entergy is dedicated to fostering healthy, educated, environmentally sustainable, and thriving communities.

To learn more about Entergy’s community engagement, visit their website.

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