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“Grant of ,800 Awarded for Upgrades to Historic Building in Columbus”

by Topwitty

The historic Live Oak Art Center in Columbus, Texas, is set to undergo renovations to restore its original wood floors in the 133-year-old Brunson Building. This restoration project is made possible by a ,800 grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) through its Community Development Partnership Program. The grant will be supplemented with ,959 in matching funds from the center.

Renee Long, president of the Live Oak Art Center board, emphasized the urgent need for repairs to the original floors of the building, which have deteriorated over time. The Brunson Building, once a saloon, now serves as a space for the center’s youth programs and summer camps for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

In addition to providing free afterschool programs for the community, the Live Oak Art Center offers adult art classes, exhibitions, and event rentals. The support from the LCRA grant allows the center to prioritize building maintenance without compromising its extensive programming.

The grant is part of LCRA’s Community Development Partnership Program, which aims to support capital improvement projects in local communities. Applications for the next round of grants will open in July, providing organizations with the opportunity to receive funding for similar projects.

The Live Oak Art Center’s restoration efforts reflect a larger initiative in Columbus to enhance the community’s focus on arts and cultural activities. By preserving and renovating the historic building, the center aims to create a safe and welcoming space for residents and visitors alike.

LCRA is a key partner in this endeavor, dedicated to serving Texas communities by managing the lower Colorado River, providing water and electricity, and maintaining parks along the river. Through their support, organizations like the Live Oak Art Center can continue to enrich the quality of life for the communities they serve.

For more information about LCRA and their initiatives, visit their website at lcra.org.

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