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Jaehyun debuts solo song and duets with Lauv at Seoul Jazz Festival

by Topwitty

At the ‘Seoul Jazz Festival’ today, NCT’s Jaehyun took the stage to perform a beautiful duet of “Paris in the Rain” with singer-songwriter Lauv. However, the surprises didn’t end there as Jaehyun also delighted fans by unveiling his unreleased solo song for the very first time.

The collaboration between Jaehyun and Lauv brought a unique energy to the festival, captivating the audience with their seamless blend of vocals and stage presence. Fans were thrilled to witness this special performance and hear Jaehyun’s solo track, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

This unexpected treat from Jaehyun left fans buzzing with anticipation for more solo endeavors from the NCT member. The audience’s enthusiastic response to his performance further solidified Jaehyun’s standing as a versatile and talented artist in the music industry.

In the midst of these exciting performances, TOP also made headlines with a statement following the cancellation of dearMoon, hinting at the possibility of new music to come. The festival was truly a showcase of talent and surprises, leaving fans eager for what the future holds for these incredibly talented artists.

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