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‘Kelis to Present Keynote at Bigsound 2024 Event in Australia’

by Topwitty

Grammy-nominated artist and culinary expert Kelis is set to headline the Bigsound conference in Australia. The event, scheduled for September 5, will feature Kelis in a keynote discussion focusing on authenticity and transformation. Following this, on September 7, Kelis will perform exclusively at QLD Music Trails’ Sweet Relief! Music Festival.

Known for hits like “Milkshake,” Kelis has diversified her career into the world of cooking, appearing in Netflix specials and authoring her own cookbook. With a musical career spanning 25 years since her debut album “Kaleidoscope” and commercial success with “Tasty,” Kelis continues to break barriers in both music and culinary arts.

The Bigsound event, taking place in Brisbane, will showcase a lineup of talented musicians and industry leaders. Kelis joins a stellar cast of keynote speakers, including Amy Taylor from Amyl & The Sniffers. Supported by the Queensland government, the event promises to be a vibrant celebration of music and creativity.

Kelis’ performance at Bigsound highlights her enduring impact on the music industry, with multiple chart-topping singles and albums to her name. As attendees gear up for this exciting event, Kelis’ presence is sure to bring a unique blend of music, culinary expertise, and inspirational storytelling to the stage.

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